Dimensional Control


Dimensional Control

Combining precise measurements and 3D data, dimensional control enables objects to be surveyed and compared with their original designs.

RSL have provided a dimensional control service to the Oil & Gas industry since 1974, both onshore & offshore in the construction of jackets & topside facilities. Our dimensional control services originated in the offshore industry, but are now being applied across the engineering, manufacturing and fabrication stages of renewable energy and offshore wind projects.

What is Dimensional Control?

Dimensional control is a strategic process in the Oil & Gas fabrication industry. The process involves acquiring accurate dimensional data that is spatially referenced to a known benchmark. Dimensional control can play a major part in eliminating the need for rework and can ensure that project tolerances are maintained and all components are built accurately on time and within budget.

Our Dimensional control teams work closely with your project engineering and fabrication teams in order to guarantee a “fit first time”. Our fit first time process ensures our clients that unexpected hold ups during fabrication are avoided and also minimises the risk of expensive corrective work.
Our Dimensional control service has been developed to encompass survey work on online tanks, columns and vessels for modification and replacement in the chemical production sector.

We use the latest survey technology from Leica Geosystems with both standard and submillimetre total stations specific mathematical dimensional control software and AutoCAD packages are used to produce detailed survey reports. With both our extensive industry experience and state of the art measuring equipment, we are able to provide the most cost-effective solution for your measuring needs. Our Dimensional Control and engineering survey techniques can provide substantial benefits to any project.

“RSL One have been the go-to company for professional dimensional surveying for all of our large complicated structures which have been manufactured over the past 27 years.  RSL pride themselves on service, quality and have a real can-do attitude and it’s been a pleasure working with the company and we look forward to enjoying further success between the two companies”. 

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