Laser Scanning

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What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is a popular surveying method that can accurately measure and collect data from objects, surfaces, buildings and landscapes. Laser scanners collect information in the form of point cloud data, which consists of millions of 3D coordinates (XYZ coordinates).

Point Cloud Delivery

Receive accurate and precise point cloud data that can help to get work started on your project.

We are able to conduct 3D laser scanning surveys based on the requirements of your project needs.

What is a Point Cloud?

A point cloud is a set of data points in space. The points represent a 3D shape or object. Each point has its set of X, Y and Z coordinates. Point clouds are produced by 3D laser scanners which measure many points on the external surfaces of objects around them.

What We Offer

“RSL One have been the go-to company for professional dimensional surveying for all of our large complicated structures which have been manufactured over the past 27 years.  RSL pride themselves on service, quality and have a real can-do attitude and it’s been a pleasure working with the company and we look forward to enjoying further success between the two companies”. 

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