Setting Out Surveys


What Is Setting Out?

Setting Out is the establishment of the marks and lines to define the position and level of the elements for the construction work so that works may proceed with reference to them. This process may be contrasted with the purpose of surveying which is to determine by measurement the positions of existing features.

Coordinate listings can be digitally uploaded into our Total stations which allows us to easily transfer a design directly onto the ground at the project site. This may vary from the setting out of roads, drainage runs, buildings, boundaries and various structures. RSL have vast experience and proven ability in setting out survey services. We can provide full setting out services tailored to individual client requirements for all construction projects. Our experienced survey teams can offer reliable and practical results every time using integrated survey equipment and software packages.

“RSL One have been the go-to company for professional dimensional surveying for all of our large complicated structures which have been manufactured over the past 27 years.  RSL pride themselves on service, quality and have a real can-do attitude and it’s been a pleasure working with the company and we look forward to enjoying further success between the two companies”. 

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