360° Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Reality Tour Doll House View

360° Virtual Tours

Are you looking to give your customers an immersive and interactive way to explore your property or project?

Capturing Reality

Ever feel that one photo doesn’t show everything? Or maybe you cannot decide which angle best portrays your property or project. Our 3D virtual Matterport tours are a fantastic way of exploring buildings and environments from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone.  

Using the latest 3D camera technology, we are able to completely map your entire property/project and stitch it into one seamless walkthrough. This is done by capturing both still photographs and depth information looking in 360 degrees around each of the 3D camera setup locations, stitching the imagery together and then adding interactive elements, our Matterport virtual tours are able to give viewers a much more immersive experience than photographs or videos ever could. 

The 3D "Doll's House" View

A unique feature of the 3D Matterport tours is the ability to zoom out to what we call a “Dolls House” view. From here the viewer is in full control being able to spin the property around on its axis as though they are walking around the outside, or zooming to a particular room, by simply clicking on a room in the property will you will be instantly dropped inside, this helping to get a good feel for the size.

The "Walk-Through" View

The more traditional walk-through virtual tour is made more fluid and realistic by combining 3-Dimensional depth information about each room with ultra-high-resolution photographic imagery which allows you to look in almost every direction as you move around the property. 

VR Compatible

All of our 3D Matterport Virtual Tours are fully compatible with the latest VR headsets which use a smartphone as the screen, why not immerse yourself in an unparalleled virtual world and look around it as if you were there. 

Matterport Tags

Within our 3d virtual tours we are able to add Mattertags, a Mattertag is a great way to add context to specific locations, objects, and features within your tour. A Mattertag post is a title and text description anchored right to a point in your space.

Property sale

With a single scan, you get everything you need to be able to showcase and market your property without the need for a physical viewing by sharing real-world places with your audience. These tours can be easily embedded on any website and property listing websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla which also support virtual tours.


Documenting damage thoroughly and accurately is key to reducing disputes over the scope of loss and faster claim approvals from insurance carriers. Fast and accurate settlements result in lower costs and happier customers that can get their lives back on track to pre-loss condition more quickly.

How It Works

A consultation may be needed, if that’s the case we will organise a free site visit in order to explain the benefits of a 3D tour and to fully understand your requirements. This will also help us to provide an accurate no obligation estimate for the services offered.

Scanning –
With the estimate accepted we will then arrange a suitable time to come and scan your property/project. As a quick example a 3-bedroom house would usually take around 90 minutes to perform a full scan.

Production – This involves stitching the images together to make a complete 3D rendering of your property/project in order to create the automatic virtual reality tour. Arranging any still 360 photos off your space or tagging (Matterport tags) will also be done during this process.

Delivery –
You will receive a link and an embedded code from us usually between the time scale of 24 – 48 hours from the commencement of the scan.

Publishing – You are now ready to go live using either your URL or simple to use embed code that you received from us.

 *Larger properties or projects may compromise of more complicated production and may therefore take longer.

“RSL completed an impressive bespoke 3D Virtual tour of our house. The virtual tour really shows off our property in a great light and we were very encouraged with the increased level of interest we received when our properties Virtual tour was added to our online sales brochure. We would not hesitate to use RSL again in the future.”
Mr & Mrs Andrews

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